Water Supply

In the sector of water supply, CEEM is specialised in engineering and management on the following issues:

  • Concepts for "near-to-customer services" on behalf of international clients, including billing and collection of household and industrial customers, but also repairs and other issues (this may apply, for instance, to local sub-contractors of the water utility within franchise agreements, or to retail companies under bulk water utilities or so-called grid management utilities etc.)
  • Concepts for the establishment of automated, remote-controlled water metering (AMR = Automatic Meter Reading), considering the technical system and economic/ecologic requirements regarding water use efficiency and supply safety
  • Water loss reduction programmes, covering the technical losses as well as administrative losses, and strategic aspects to achieve financial stability and financial sustainability on behalf of the water utility
  • Holistic view, analysis, assessment, evaluation , including technical as well as economic and ecologic aspects of water utilisation in the context of IWRM (Integrated Water Resources Management), especially UWRM (Urban Water Resources Management)
  • Concepts and innovative strategies and tools for tariff design and political/public communication of re-finance needs and the "customer-paid-water-services"

Project Examples

Project Example Water purification plant Yaroslavl Water purification plant for Yaroslavl (Russia)
  • Client: Yaroslavlvodokanal
  • Duration: 2005 - 2009
  • Updage of design for the construction of a water purification plant of the City of Yaroslavl
  • Services provided: Full technical documentation for a concession tender, which can also be used for a conventional FIDIC-oriented tender for the construction works of the plant (civil works and equipment) as well as the connecting pipes and main plus intermediate pumping stations
Project Example Analysis of drinking water disinfection facilities Moscow Analysis of drinking water disinfection facilities in Moscow (Russia)
  • Client: MosvodokanalNIIprojekt, Moscow
  • Duration: 2005
  • Drinking water disinfection facilities with sodium-hypochlorite (storage of up to 500 t gaseous chlorine per plant)
  • Services provided: Technical analysis of the process alternatives (including security issues, which were the motivation to refrain from more risky alternatives) and economic consultancy regarding cost optimisation
Project Example Expert Opinion in the monopoly trial before Court, Hessen Expert Opinion in the monopoly trial before Court, Hessen
  • Client: Ministry of Environment, Rural Affairs and Consumer Protection of the State of Hessen
  • Duration: 1999 and 2004
  • Support of the Client, sewing public and private water utilities for misuse of their monopole situation to the disadvantage of customers, asking for reduction of water tariffs
  • Services provided: Expert opinions for the Client, regarding technical and economic issues (as contribution to the success of the Client before Court, finally)