International Projects

Signed by enterprises from the water industry, by private banks and public institutions like ADB, BMBF, EBRD, GTZ, IFC, KfW, the World Bank and other organisations, we deliver consultancy to municipalities and water utilities, world-wide. Basing on our international assignments from the past, we bring in long-term project experience under different climate, economic and social-cultural working conditions:


Northeast and Southeast Europe Middle and East Europe
- Albania
- Bulgaria
- Estonia
- Croatia
- Romania
- Turkey
- Austria
- Poland
- Russia
- Slovenia
- Czech Republic
- UK
- Ukraine
Central and Latin America South and East Africa
- Nicaragua
- Peru
- Kenya
- South Africa
Southeast Asia and Oceania Maghreb and Southwest Asia
- Australia
- China
- India
- Indonesia
- Japan
- Malaysia
- New Zealand
- Thailand
- Vietnam
- Algeria
- Armenia
- Iran
- Yemen
- Jordan
- Libya
- Saudi Arabia
- Syria

World Map with Project Locations

We are specialised in locating, analysing, assessing and implementing individual solutions in the sectors of Water supply,Wastewater and solid waste management as well as organisation & management of utilities and projects, according to the requirements and options of our international clients. We offer high-tech solutions, whenever these are feasible under technical and socio-economic terms, and low-tech solutions, whenever these fulfil the demand. Our focus is on "lean-tech solutions", like demonstrated with various assignments regarding financially optimised stage-by-stage concepts for plants and networks, with significant local contribution and local values generated.