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CEEM - Consultants for Environmental Engineering and Management
Prof. Dr.-Ing. Dr. rer. pol. Karl-Ulrich Rudolph GmbH i.L.
Alfred-Herrhausen-Str. 44
58455 Witten, Germany

Phone: +49(0)2302 91401-0
Fax: +49(0)2302 91401-11

Commercial Register: Local Court of Bochum, HRB 8193

Foundation of the Company:

1981 (as GmbH, company limited, since 1994)

Management Board:

Prof. Dr. mult. Karl-Ulrich Rudolph, CEO
Daniel Gregarek, Power of Attorney (Management)

Employees (2008):



CEEM, the Prof. Dr. Dr. Rudolph GmbH i.L., owns a broad range of high-value equipment, which allows the elaboration of engineering and management assignments of all kind in the sector of water and sanitation. Besides the commonly used hardware and software tools for design, construction and supervision as well as project management, the own special software for this simulation of networks (e.g. HYSTEM-EXTRAM, GIPS, LWA Flut, SMUSI, SIMBA, ARABER, Denika, DWA Belebungsexpert, ArcGIS). For economic approaches and calculations, we have developed a specified software for water utility business planning and dynamic cost optimisation, which allows tariff modelling and forecast of revenue requirements as well as cost controlling.


BDEGerman Waste Management Association
BDIThe Federation of German Industries
BWKAssociation of Water and Land Engineers
DECHEMAGerman Society for Chemical Engineering and Biotechnology
DWAGerman Association for Water, Wastewater & Waste
GSTTGerman Society for Trenchless Technology
GTZGerman Society for Technical Co-operation Ltd.
IWAInternational Water Association